What's Available

Our fund is capitalized with $250,000. We expect to make no more than 15 investments over the next two years, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000

What We're Looking For

Our two non-negotiable criteria are:

Above and beyond that, we look for the same qualities that everyone else looks for: creativity, tenacity, integrity.

We don't care where you went to school, nor do we care where you live. We know that some of the best opportunities exist outside of the U.S. If you have suggestions as to how we can reach a broader audience, please contact us.

What We'd Like To Know

At Presumed Abundance, we genuinely do invest in people. We expect our relationship with you to extend far beyond your initial success, so please give some thought to the following questions:

What would you like us to know about you?

It can be one story from your life, or several stories. It can be a resume or a haiku. Tell us what gets you out of bed in the morning, or what keeps you awake at night. It is up to you to decide. Each team member has 500 words to help us form a clear picture of who you are.

What should we know about your idea?

Send us a description of your business. Tell us what it is you plan to do, how it will make money, and why it will make a difference in the world. Please limit your description to 500 words or less.

In addition to the bios and a description of your idea, you may provide a link to a relevant website.

Please do not send us a business plan. We will not read it.
Please do not send us a slide deck. We will not view it.

If we think there is a fit, we will reach out to you within four weeks and we can spend more time getting to know each other.